airwinny wrote:

TruckinVapor wrote:
I think Airwinny likes his Krma rda, maybe he can share his favorite build with you!
I use simply SS round wire, 26 ga, 3mm diameter coils, at around 0.7-0.75. Works perfect for me anywhere between 25-30W.

The Wasp has quite a bit more airflow, it really shouldn't get all that hot at 40-50W, even with humongous clapton-alien-whatevers.
But, 3abdel, you really don't need them in such small RDAs. I don't get significantly more clouds with a Clapton coil at 50W than I do with a simple round wire coil at 25-30W, and flavor-wise there's really no difference at all.
On a single battery mod, these fancy coils are really overkill and will just make you go through batteries like crazy

Thank you for the precision. So A simple or dual 26ga SS or N80 will give good flavor and much clouds as I understand. Any SKU's would be much appreciated guys.