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Will this work well on iTaste VV V3.0 with 30-32 gauge micro coils?
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#1 (permalink)      1/11/2014 3:18:02 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Will this work well on iTaste VV V3.0 with 30-32 gauge micro coils?
Is it worth to use IGO-L rebuildable with iTaste VV V3.0 and 30-32 gauge kanthal micro coils? Will they work together without problems? And how about Ego twist?

Thank you!

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Yes they do work as i have both. However with i-taste & ego twist you need to make coils 1.2 ohms or higher .The other point is being low mah batteries you could find yourself recharging more often.Yes they will work but is it worth it? For me better a mechanical mod & 18650 batteries:)
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It will work, but be mindful of what you're building on it. Use any of the simple ohm's law calculators around the net to determine what voltages/resistances you'll be able to use to keep the current draw under 3A.

For that kind of ego-style device, I would only recommend single-coil builds, at minimum 1.2ohms. Shouldn't be too hard with 30-32ga kanthal though. If you want to try dual-coils, you'll be best off with a mechanical device like a Nemesis SKU 1448300 and some high drain 18650 batteries like the Sony VTC4s SKU 1628900 . If mechanical ain't your thing, and especially if you don't already own an ohm-meter, an iTaste MVP SKU 1390901 or even just one of the stand-alone ohm-meters would definitely worth purchasing.

If you're just sticking it on an ego-style, I'd pick up a beauty ring like SKU 1326405 to give it a more seamless look.
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Removed....Wrong thread.

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