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Fantastic old RDA on TC single coil for only $4.50
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#1 (permalink)      9/1/2015 9:32:41 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Fantastic old RDA on TC single coil for only $4.50
Yeah I know most here prefer their cloud making RDAs, but they all kind of leave me cold with regards to taste, beyond the first or second vape.

This Old RDA from, I think, 2013 for only $4.50......I just wrapped a single coil of Ni200, wicked it and the taste is incredible.
But I have always preferred this RDA to the new ones, even on Kanathal.

Just drilled a 2mm hole where the almost invisible one already is....easy peasy.....IF i can drill a hole, anyone can...obviously any good drip tip can do. I just happen to only prefer acrylic or pyrex tips.

Anyhow, great flavour. If you have one of these you might want to resurrect it.

Glass + Acrylic Hybrid 510 Drip Tip
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2mm hole turns this into a cloud chasing RDA. At least that was the case in the not too distant past.

The problem with this atty isn't its inability to make cloudbros hard, it's its anemic capacity. For just a few dollars more you can pick up an Aeolus (or Nectar if the Aeolus is too airy) which puts this thing to shame in capacity.
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