Ya, I agree! I have 2 Luxotic BF (The black one has more Voltage drop btw) heavy for the size but I could handle it, I got the Luxotic MF with the chip because I mainly run 2x700 now and Its heavy af with a metal door because they made it so you could also run it in Dual battery mode which was soo stupid people who squonk aren't going to go "Hey I changed my mind I want to run dual battery non squonk let me also pull my RDA and put the normal pin back in"

So I was hoping when they did this one they would do a 2x700 version or AT LEAST a 20650 but no they go backwards and its even more heavy... Not sure who at Wismec is making these choices but they are not in touch with vaping... ITs the engineer who doesn't use his product situation.. I was hoping Jaybo was doing this and would know to make it little bigger with bigger battery which would make the weight manageable.

If I had the time and money Id have someone 3d print the body of the MF and Door if the Luxotic MF didn't have the dual battery addition it would be 10mm shorter almost and if It was 3d printed it would be super light and be the ultimate squonk mod IMO! as you could choose Mech or Regulated boards and run 18650, 20650, 20700, 21700.

The other choice would be the Luxotic BF Mech with a 20700/21700 would be so easy for Wismec to do 2mm x 5mm increase in size! I modded one of mine to fit the 20650 and wow it hits so much harder for longer... but was a Pain in the ASS as you have to shave off 2mm on the battery tray sides and bottom and then the Door got to shave off 1mm. then the Metal square over the wires you have to file off 2mm but it proves it can be done by Wismec so easy!