3abdel wrote:

TruckinVapor wrote:
I haven't used flaptons or fraliens in years. Yet I can produce enough vapor to choke a horse. Lol

I'm on my mobile, so I'll have to link some SKU's later...

I think you are talking about SKU 8951910. Am I right?

Very close, good guess..;)

I've got this SKU 4455801 it's .2mm X .8mm SS 316L from MKWS. Bought it back when I was into TC vaping. You could use Ni80 or Kanthal as it'll be less "springy" to work with compared to SS. It's good, but it's not my end-all, be-all favorite..;)

I love simple round spaced coils for my restricted DL atty's. I'm also into flat wire single coils when I want that big air, cloud producing vape. I put them where most vapers would run duals. Since that's all ya need... Ramp-up (and cool down) time is next to nothing, so they prefer alot of air, and will out produce any claptons and the like with hits under a second in duration.

I really haven't found any builds more efficient for energy use, flavor and vapor production. Or builds that provide the surface area in contact with the wick, without being weighed down by MASS.