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Nice RTA!
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Nice RTA!
Got my authentic model on Thursday. Hell of an RTA! Very easy to build, if a bit complicated to assemble. Using the PEI tank is easier. If you want to avoid leaks though, watch a few YouTube videos to correctly install and seal the tank before filling it. Comes with 9 airflow holes, including 6 threaded configurable side holes that can be closed or left open. I left all holes open with the airflow control ring 2/3 closed. Using a 26 gage 3.5mm coil right above the airflow curve, I’m getting a very flavorful vape. To fine tune the airflow, I’m planing to play with different AFC configurations next week. One correction, the height of this tank is 52mm not 70mm. It is about 5mm shorter than the height of a Kayfun V5 with its drip tip.

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Thanks you for the description