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510 pin not long
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#1 (permalink)      4/15/2019 10:16:07 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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510 pin not long
It doesn't look like the 510 pin is long enough especially if they want you to use it on a hybrid mod
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The 510 pin of the VG M5 is adjustable. That's because Germans are all about mechanical mods, but they still want their tanks to sit flush, and not all mechs are hybrids - there are still a bunch out there with fixed 510s. And a hybrid-safe 510 pin is shorter than a lot of reviewers would have you believe - those guys are the main reason for the failure of spring-loaded 510 connectors on regulated mods because they taught people to want unreasonably long 510 pins, and those overly-long pins can destroy a female 510 connector that's actually 510-compatible. (You could argue that actual 510 compatibility isn't all that important anymore, since nobody is mixing and matching parts that would work with a Joye 510 e-cig anymore. Still, it's a better world when all your atties fit on all your mods without breaking them or failing to make contact.)

Look, I'm with you on the "safety first" thing, but there's thinking about safety and then there's baseless paranoia and fear-mongering. As long as the 510 connector is long enough to go completely through the mod's plate with visible clearance and the centre pin extends far enough beyond the threaded (negative) part of the connector to keep the positive end of the battery from making contact with the negative connection, you're good. (If you use the cell negative-up, you need to be more careful, since that's the soft end of the cell - it's an awful lot easier to dent the negative end enough to cause contact, but the positive end of the cell is quite a bit more sturdy.)
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Makes sense. We live in a fear mongering world in order to keep us in line so it's no surprise when you see the same shit going on in the vaping world. Do your own research and trust no one!!
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