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Some good dual 21700 reg mods?
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#31 (permalink)      4/16/2019 7:21:04 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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davidlove wrote:

Dreadbell wrote:
Hey all!Need a new dual 21700 reg mod, there's a serious lack of GOOD dual 21700sAnyone got some good suggestions? Something not tacky and soft/crappy plastic and reliable... you know what I mean lolSingle cell 21700 Aegis/legend.... why oh why didnt they make it dual 21700!?We need more dual 21700 mods :(

I too am a fan of dual 21700 mods and I dont care for TC either.
They can be big and weighty which I don't mind.

Here are some on my wish list..
Voopoo X217 SKU 9690293 - not supporting Voopoo because of the controversy.
Mage 217 SKU 9659751
Tesla XT 220 SKU 9651762
Tesla Invader 4 SKU 9665251 (This is PWM but performance is just like the Invader III)
Squid Industries TAC 21 - no TC (a new batch just released last week)
Wismec RX2 21700 SKU 9627422
Geekvape Blade SKU 9633521
GTRS VBoy 222 SKU 9627851
Boxer DNA250 dual 21700

If you come across any more let me know.

Cheers for the input! Was looking at the Tesla Invader IV, tempting!

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Dreadbell wrote:

Cheers for the input! Was looking at the Tesla Invader IV, tempting!

The Invader IV is it's the only dual 21700 I have at the moment. It performs just like the III - instant ramp up on pretty much any build you throw at it and no fuss with TC. I looked at the X217 and the XT220 but both looked gimmicky with the leds - yeah you can turn them off but wtf? The Mage 217 is nice if only it were available in black here :-( The Boxer is a bit expensive for my liking but it is a DNA board. Boxer even has a triple 21700 and if you want to push the boat out more the the Boxer Lipo is rated 400w !!. There is a cheaper SXK dual 21700 version if you can find it.

My next will probably be the TAC 21 - the big brother of the Double Barrel by Squid Industries but it has a small issue of reading the ohm's off by 0.02 (on the TAC 21 - not the DB). Not a problem if you build above 0.14ohm. In bypass mode it will ramp up even faster.

Most of my mods are either mechs or a PWM so when I saw the Invader IV with dual 21700 - I bought two.

You are right though - a serious lack of dual 21700's.

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