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electronic cigarette
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#1 (permalink)      6/18/2019 1:43:03 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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electronic cigarette
I want order o new electronic cigarette and i have innokin at home with tank 1,6ml what kind electronic cigarette must i order you have so many on your list can you help me.
Best Regards Markku Puntala
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+3 details
ok to get something that might suit you we probably need a little more information from you:

What is your vaping style? tight Mouth to lung, or direct lung inhale?

do you want a whole kit? atomiser and battery? or just a new atomiser to work with your existing innokin battery?

what would you prefer, from small and stealthy, or all day capacity (so itll be a bit bigger)
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I dont think OP knows what MTL DL means best set up for noob transitioning get a pico 25 box mod and a tank that takes coils as I dont think you rebuild , I'm no use on coil tanks but pico 25 is comfortable for tanks up to 25mmm and i use mine for fly vapes in corridors at work 🤣 I blow the vapour down drains

Edited on 6/18/2019 at 3:49 AM. Reason:
M2mm x 3mm or 4mm - M2.5mmm x 3 or 4mm - M3mm x 3 or 4mm screws /grubs etc for new vapers will be invaluable Embrace the vape
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i think, if you take a good look on youtube, you will find something you like, look for best pod, tank, kit or something you prefer.
if you have found something, then come back to fasttech and see if it,s available.

please let me know if you found what your looking for.
Just a real FT addict, and i like kudo's