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Affordable temperature control mod. Battery cover does not have the charging port hole on it.
No longer has charging port (iPV4S) Mod still has a hole for the charging port LED. Charging port hole is slotted with a plastic plug and not sealed.
Ordered this one but was provided SKU:2851700 instead as this version has been discontinued. So future batches of this mod will no longer have a charging port. Besides that, everything works as expected, a very affordable (and properly working) temperature control device. The battery cover no longer has a hole for the charging port (which is good) but the frame still has the fixture holes where the charging port used to be. It's plugged by a piece of plastic and there is still a hole where the LED indicator is - which e-juice can still seep into if your atomizer has a tendency to leak a lot. Nevertheless, for the price and reliability of the chip used, I'm happy with this mod.
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