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Do not leak,,, AT ALL Small size but still 4ml Great look New top fill works perfect New air flow ctl works great Comes with lots of goodies, including 4 coils My Cubis Pro came with "scratch code" intact
LOTS of spitback!!! Gets VERY hot!!! Coils flood, but do not keep up (strange combo) Lots of condensation, that will be sucked upp and end up in your mouth. weak and a bit "off" in flavor (except from the e-juice that ends up in your mouth) Inconsistent in cloud production. (bad wicking)
This is a hard one to give a verdict about.
Would really like to give it a thumbs up, but it has to many problems.
The new filling system allows you to fill without taking out the coil as well. The new air-flow also is a step forward, from the cubis.
The Cubis Pro will get VERY hot when using. REALLY VERY Hot!!!
The coils I tested with it so far is
- The new QCS coil
Nice idea, to be able to rebuild, without recoiling. The problem is with feeding and spit-back. It will constantly spit e-juice in your mouth, and after filling or resting, it will give you a stream of hot liquid in your mouth. The strange thing is that, even if it spits and floods, it will not keep up if you take a few puff in a row.
- The Notch Coil
Same problem as the QCS coil.
- The 0,5 Ohm 316 Coil
A little bit better. Not so much spit-back, but you will still get a little drop with every puff. The coil has a bit more problems keeping up, due to the very small juice ports. Up-side of this is that it does not flood as much as the above. Still it will spit a lot after resting or filling. To get a full draw, you need to let the coil rest for a while between puffs.
- 0,2 Ohm Ni200 coil
Not included with the Cubis pro, but I had some, so I gave it a spin anyway. Not much performance to talk about. Hade to dial up the TC to 260Celcius to get any puffs to talk about. Puffs will not be so long, before the TC steps on the break, as it has the same small juice ports as the 0,5 316 coil it will not wick very good. About the same spit-back as the 0.5 316 as well.

Have not tested the LVC coil yet. Maybe that one will be a bit better, as you can control the juice flow and has the vapor outlet at an ange, so the spit back should not reach all the way up the chimney.

All in all, This is a tank with potential. Joyetech just needs to redesign the coils.
As it is now, I can not recommend it!!
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