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- Small - Good electronics
- some construction solutions (read review) - matter of taste, i know, but those collors are dreadfull
It is smallest regulated single 18650 squonker I know of and it works like a charm for me.
It means, if you are not into high wattage cloud show-of vaping and prefer MTL paired with practicality this could be for you.
Got VT Inbox as well and it served me perfect for two years. Even bought another one to be a spare. It is still good unit but for last ten or so days both of them sits in the drawer because this one is smaller, more practical and just as good if not better.
Let me elaborate this comparing with VT Inbox.
This one got my battery last for longer, VW is as good as within VT inbox and is substantially smaller.
Mind you, I don't use temp control so have nothing to say on that.
All perfect, no?
Well, almost it is. I have accustomed to somewhat harder bottles and squonking action is slower then it is with VT. Could say it is a matter of personal preference.
Lower panel, one that covers bottle, seems like it could be prone to be lost someday. That is construction solution we have. It is not awful, but it is letting us to want something more solid.
I would like to see some side panels meant to grown ups. Out of 3 panels in offer only one called "basketball" does not scream when looked at.
Also must find some spare bottles with top caps so I can fill them up and carry around with no need for refilling - just reach into packet and change the bottle on the go.
For me, with those drawbacks mentioned as pure nitpicking, this one is a squonker of the year for MTL vapers.
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