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Dirt Cheap Flavour Ease of use MTL Airflow adjustement
Bottom fill ( I'll explain in the review) Drip Tip
I've bought a couple of these since they where dirt cheap. The flavor is top notch and I think they look great (apart from the drip's just weird). Along with my Dvarw collection these are a great addition, though they seem alike there are some differences. First off the tank is only hold on by O-rings. That makes filling easy, but the cup that secures your coil (only hold by O-rings too) can easily move in the process which makes you loose your connection and the mod won't fire. That's my main issue with this. It's a shame you sometimes need to press down the cup when filling to regain your Ohms. The cup should somehow be locked.
Nevertheless I like these. Very easy to build. MTL all the way. The airflow adjustment though very small to get a grab on works fine. I just forgot to mention the loss of connection in my other review of this RTA which is fixed easily, but can be frustrating when not knowing the cause.
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