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rda screws
OPEN      9/19/2014 1:05:20 PM
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Idea: rda screws
Replacement screws for rdas would be nice
Comment #1      11/20/2016 4:02:06 PM
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There's already tonnes around... Just find the size you need and search it ^__^
Comment #2      2/27/2019 1:58:42 PM
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Well I'm up voting chilango633's idea. Yes, Asylumsix we can search for whatever size we need. That noted this can end up distracting, frustrating customers. I think we need secondary product pages to the rdas sold. These secondary pages could offer say quick repair kits with peek insulators, screws, o-rings, maybe caps and or drip tips which will work for the particular rda. Fast Tech could also then link to the SKU #s of each of the repair kits, where they can sell a pack of five or ten screws, five or ten peek insulators and so on. That way customers can bookmark the rda's page and know if they need spare parts later they can be found in a click or two. To you such a convince might seem trivial & to an extent I can agree. I can also see the other side of the argument though. It's nice having stuff real handy & if a business caters to me as a customer like that, I'm probably going to give them more business. It seems simple CS (Sustomer Service) based ergonomics to me.
Comment #3      1/5/2020 1:11:24 AM
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Very good point MorelyMagic; I'm up too. Sometimes it's so much time consuming if you have to do the research item by item.
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