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User defined compatibility matrix
OPEN      3/19/2015 2:38:30 PM
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Idea: User defined compatibility matrix
I often open tickets about compatibility between items. Why not to have a consumer filled compatibility matrix that indicates what SKU fit with what other SKU ? Especially for items that don't come from the same provider where the official response is "not compatible" but fit perfectly.
Comment #1      4/27/2018 5:36:20 PM
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Perhaps, the reasoning is why they use the stock in trade "not computable" response is, it requires employing someone to at least give a quick visual check on item compatibility. I see you're suggesting customers do that. Alright fine and dandy you might think but what happens when say, I start posting the 8 ml bottle for the Gloom clone can fit the CopperVape mod? It will but it requires some finagling to do, maybe someone else doesn't want the hassle? Maybe it fails because CopperVape getting wise to customer input starts making 10 ml silicone bottles for their mod and lets Fast Tech sell them dirt cheap? Or, maybe Legend123 posts that an 18650 batter can fit in a mod that obviously only takes 16350 batteries? How do customers know they get good info? Ah, well then you suggest Fast Tech hires someone to ... back to square one, "not compatible".

That above noted, I'm still up voting your idea. I think a means of determining good info will present itself despite my seeming objection.
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