Skeeeets, I have a few years of shopping and shipping worldwide. If a service like free shipping is offered then it is offered. No maybe we will ship for free maybe not, it forms part of a contract that is legally binding.
If FastTech feels it needs to offer a service then remove that service then I ask them why? If I don't get a satisfactory answer then I vote with my dollars, taking them elsewhere.
Up until this year I have hadhundreds of orders with FastTech, this year a few. FT used to be the go-to site for knives, not any more.
Inaccurate details that never get changed and very dubious shipping charges are the reasons, along with higher prices compared to other sites - that do offer free shipping -along with many more paid options are the reasons.
Other sites and individual vendors have no problems using carriers that FT won't or can't use.
The couple of dollars charged isn't that big of a deal it's the principle of a large vendor not bothering to update details or shipping terms on the description pages that person me off.