logindetails wrote:

AuralVirus wrote:
aren't these more or less spyderco's?

GANZO Firebird F759M-GR
SKU 7005902

GANZO Firebird F729-CF
SKU 6665000

GANZO Firebird F733-CF
SKU 7382100

Er -no. They are ganzo's - they are not exact copies and don't have spyderco markings on them so are perfectly legit. It's the clones that Fasttech has removed from sale.

er yeah I know. :P the Ganzo Firebird F759M & F729 do resemble the Manix 2 & delica but as you say not identically.

Btw these spyderco clone's you speak of. how long ago were they listed? I just went through the entire catalog of both ft & the best of gear place 2 or 3 days ago & don't recall seeing spyderco logo'd knives.
I wouldn't mind getting an actual manix2 copy or other spyderco alike.