Tobacco giants are losing so much money from the Vape industry, it's no wonder the FDA is trying to help, in every way they can.

Governments rely on profit made from tobacco, that's why Australian's now pay, AUD $35 per packet of smokes, to make up the budget for people quitting, or going to Vape products.

In my opinion, they can make it really hard, however people will choose to Vape or smoke.

Others use Meth, Ice, THC etc.

If I sell a home made sponge cake that makes someone sick, I would be sued for millions, however, every vendor can sell smokes which are proven killers to everyone.

Think about this in the next election the USA has.

I think it was Carlson, who said he would legalise all drugs and set free any weed dealers free from jail.

If I was wrong, please correct me.