So it was around 30 degC in the house last night whilst outside was barely below 25 degC and the Fire Service are still virtually begging people NOT to light fires or BBQs anywhere. However, it was apparently perfect conditions for my w@nky neighbours to have yet another massive campfire and BBQ just a few metres up-wind of all my doors/windows ...

|X| |X|

... meaning that even at gone midnight, still not possble to try and cool the place down a little. Plus it was also being left unattended whilst sending smoke and plenty of sparks everywhere because they're burning scrap wood & broken up furniture and so on rather than seasoned virgin timber.


There are few times that I *really* wish guns were freely available in this country, however, this is one such occasion that justice would quite clearly be best served with a firearm needless to say. Probably needed administering at birth mind you :rolleyes:

If only someone could/would have legitimately |X| on their party !

Anyone have a spare gun and/or a rottweiller or three they could e-mail me ? Grrrrr

W@nky neighbours: Officially more annoying than w@nky trolls ;)