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Fasttech staff ask me to risk my wellbeing.
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(permalink)      6/12/2020 5:09:21 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Fasttech staff ask me to risk my wellbeing.
So i recently ordered 2 of these.SKU 9623614. One is faulty with a short, as soon as you put a battery in it heats up.
SO ticket response was make a video showing the fault. I really don't want to even attempt this, are fasttech staff uneducatated about Mechanical mods. What they want me to video?. the device exploding, My self being injured or what?. My response will be this. I will return the item and you go test it yourself see if you would risk your life over $10.

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Hello Crustyfolker,

Sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Our CS staff may only think the photos cannot show the short circuit issue and you said "tried different drippers and batteries", so she thought you could try one more time with an atomizer to show the issue and take the video, she doesn't mean to ask you for the risk. But she didn't consider the issue completely in this case. We are really sorry about this.

We have sent ticket for you about the warranty, please kindly check and let us know your opinion. Thank you.