gph61 wrote:

Crustyfolker wrote:
One is faulty with a short, as soon as you put a battery in it heats up.Why is it shorting? You shouldn't be using a mechanical mod if you don't understand it.

Ok 1st of all why did you jump to a conclusion without asking first. Been vaping 5 plus years i own at least 30 mechs of different variations i am a former reviewer on the vapeforum i use in the UK. Do i need to say any more.
The reason for my post is the fact that I was asked to provide a video to show the problem. What do they expect, me to put a battery in the mech put it outside on the pavement and video it from inside the house showing it exploding. It is a ridiculous request and fasttech staff are the ones who need educating about mech mods. If i had been a novice mech user or a first timer with little knowledge the request could have been fatal.