senis008 wrote:

Me to my shipment is shipping around china region.. shipped on 6-19 but no news, i think i gonna ask refund since no support to revieve, and yes aliexpress ships faster. So disappointing that nobody gives time to answer support from staff.

It isnt that people tickets are not answered senis, but the delaying tactics that the staff concerned have applied to all missing and delayed delivery problems.

All you get is "we have asked post office to investigate" which is nonsense really. The only investigation that the carrier will do is to look at what the tracking says, and that takes seconds....

FT may not miss my custom, but I have had to switch suppiers for my juice and hardware needs as FT are no longer reliable enough to risk purchasing from and this state of affairs is NOT just down to Covid, it was getting worse last year with large delays on deliveries. Others here do not like another major Chinese supplier to be mentioned, but in the time I have been waiting for FT to finish their "investigation" I have had 5 orders from Chinese companies delivered with an average delivery time of 3 weeks.