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Random Handcheck! (It's not bad as gassing humans, but close.)
The mod is an oldie, Vaping Architect "Arkon" 18650 squonk with DB mods "Royal" reproduction.
Looks like something pinched from an American ambulance! ;-)
Yes, it often is! The Caduceus has a long, varied history that, at the time, was the new logo of my all time favorite band, Carcass - a medically themed heavy metal band.

Carcass fuckin' rock. Saw 'em play in Wellington in 1991 - Antipodean Evisceration Tour in a tiny little club. Brutal. Those early Carcass albums (not to mention the rest of the Earache catologue at the time - Bolt Thower, Terrorizer, Napalm Death, Godflesh etc) set me on a path to grind-core heaven.
No love for Fudge Tunnel? Hate Songs in E minor was an awesome album.
i saw them open on the "Gods of Grind" Tour and also saw them open for Sepultura and Alice In Chains. I never listened to their album, though. At the time, I was more close -minded and did not think they were "metal" enough. Now you've got me interested again, so I think I'll give a listen. Thanks!

I'd completely forgotten about Fudge Tunnel. The cover of 'Sunshine of Your Love' (assuming I've got the title right) was particularly good.

And Carrion - I love Entombed. I'll never forget hearing Hollowman for the first time. Wolverine Blues is up there with my favourite all time albums (though, I admit, that list is long, lol).