Vaporesso tech-support did get around to answering my inquiry regarding the PX80's maximum voltage output.

The first reply:
2021-02-28 14:40

Dear friend,

Here is the detail informaiton for Swag PX80 for your informaiton.

I replied:

2021-02-28 15:50
Thank you, but that link does not
answer my question, and does not
list the device's maximum output voltage.

I'm under the impression that the
Swag PX80 has a maximum voltage output
of 4.0v, am I correct? Meaning that 4.0v
is the maximum voltage one can obtain from
this device.

I appreciate your time,


And Vaporesso tech-support's reply:
2021-03-02 15:00

Hi *****,

Thanks for your feeback, the maximum output voltage is 4.2V. Please note it. Thanks.