Gatok wrote:

I'm not into Billet boxes or Boros.

I'm an ignorant about that.

So, could anybody tell me...

As a MTL vaper, am I missing something worthwhile?

Billet boxes are nice to hold, they're sturdy, friends tend to ask "what's that gadget for?" when they see you carry it, and they look classy.

But that's it. Like Lalli said, you're getting a better vape from a kayfun or a dvarw. The bridges I've tried aren't any better than your random clearomizer/pod RBA coils: not bad at all, but quite finicky and at best a non-spectacular vape. The vape I get from the $3 RBA coil in the $18 Smoant Pasito is remarkably similar to all the bridges I've tried.

I use my billet box with premade coils, as a glorified pod. And like that, I like it quite a bit.