Well, I think it's been a 21 year fuck up, as it has been. Others are trying to make this about 1 person, which is ludicrous, especially when the last guy was going to do it as well, but then he got sidetracked with "election fraud" and "sedition".

What Stillme and her pet don't know is WHY all those people are STILL there...but that would require knowledge, or research...

BUT, I'm nothing if not helpful, lol, so I'll explain:
Trump stopped all Afghani visas from going through during his time in office(muslims, remember?). Also, He wanted to bring home the troops, but succumbed to pressure from his advisors.

Simple, huh? Not any one man, but a system that's been broken due to corruption. Biden is a hero to all except butt-hurt trump loyalists....and that will NEVER change.