Still.Me wrote:

ericbnc wrote:
I thought you liked puff. I thought he was quirky but still entertaining

Wonder what happened to him.

We had our disagreements, many a time but overall I thought he was a sweet person, even if I did not agree with him on several subjects.
I felt he was troubled and vulnerable, rather than nasty, hence I gave him quite a bit of leeway most of the time.

But he did have a terrible habit of creating some of the stupidest troll threads, much as TheAlt does today.

I believe the stress of life got to him. I do hope that he is ok but he didn't seem overly well just before he left. Perhaps he is better now. Hope so.

I get it too. Half was crackpot theories and the other half was probably made up but he was a fun read and generally a good sport. 😊

Did you see the "fun to read" part the Atl?