No, plastic mods are Tuesdays and Saturdays! This is today's gear. A Taifun 21700 mosfet tube is great for me with a .19 single Alien in the GT4 reproduction by Wejoy.

If you want a weaker hit on a mosfet, simply build higher, your hit will get progressively weaker the higher you build, in addition to natural cell depletion.

Of the Piggy back mods, I'd say the Cthulhu Hastur did it the sleekest...though the chip they used is highly suspect if users, including me, are an accurate representation. I fear trying to jam a small, inferior chip in a too small mod will lead to overheating and premature death.

On a personal note, "on crack" is a bad thing. While 50.00 mods may not interest me always, most vapers spend in this price range, so I talk about mass market products, which aren't always the best. Get your head out your ass, troepler, and stop arguing just to be contrary...

You haven't even given us an idea of a proper mod, in your mind, so who knows if you can even be taken seriously, right? Thanks for clarifying.