Manchin is good at 1.75T, because everything left in the bill benefits his corporate owners. 3.5T was already a compromise, from the earlier compromise of 6T. But all that, of course, is by design. The outcome is exactly as Biden and Pelosi wanted. Next bill, they'll have a new scape goat.

It's no wonder people stop voting for such clowns. I'd have liked to see Lee Carter against Youngkin, I think Americans value authenticity. In a race between an authentic Republican versus a Democrat who's secretly also actually kinda a Republican, they'll oftentimes simply pick the most authentic one. Lee Carter is probably way too left for VA, but he'd have at least been unapologetically honest, which may have given him a better chance than the idiot who thinks parents should have no say in their kids' educations (what an idiotic thing to say during a campaign).