Troepfler wrote:

But are 0.5 Ohms in a switch a lot?
Does 0.5 Ohms in a switch means:
same like battery dropped from 3.8 to 3.5?
Because of SS and others, we lost our smartest specialists,
they could have answered the question easy.

With Volts = Ohms x Amps
you see, my 0.33 Ohms result in about 12 Amps.
Car fuses and single fuses in houses are build to 10/12 Amps.

But about 12 Amps in a mod is a lot.

0.5ohm seems a bit high, my copper SMPL clone with spring gives 0.0-0.1ohm for the button and 0.0-0.1ohm for the mod from top to bottom. which would read as around 0.05ohm +-0.05ohm. My multimeter is in the lower professional grade.

As for the amps... it's not really the same. Let me explain.

In a Mech with a 0.35ohm resistance full 4.2v cell and 12A will give 50w

12 amp fuse in a car with 14v will tolerate some 168w (although in reality they will be speced for some 30v or so and be able to handle even higher wattage before breaking)

12 amp fuse in 250v (EU) will tolerate some 3000w

So they all relate and even though the numbers seem to be the same, they are not.