Troepfler wrote:

Because to measure small Ohms is difficult, I changed to measure volts.On 3 SMPLs battery voltage was 4.00 Volts (0 to 20 Volts range),with the switch in row it was the same.(but this was without load).I only use small used LG MH 10A flat top.Sometimes I get the contact (Edit: with some and few mods), sometimes not, even with Nemesis.2 older Panasonic heavy used PF 10A do not show this and hit harder.Very strange.Perhaps a button top is better for a hybrid mod, or LG has a problem?New Samsung 29E will arrive in 3 days.

It all depends on what you want to show.

Think the picture is starting to clear from my point o view. I would say you use the wrong batteries.

So say you have a 0.5ohm build (to keep within the LG specs).
that's 4.2v, 0.5ohm, which gives 8.4A. ~35W (descent vape)

So look at the 7A curve, it shows that the voltage will drop down to below 3.8v pretty much instantly (and yes, it will be slightly worse as we use 8A in our example)

So that will instead give 3.8v 0.5ohm 7.6A and ~28w quite a bit weaker vape experience.

Your issue is a poor choice of battery. Sad to say the 29E is not that much better.

Let us look at a more suitable cell, like Molicel P26A

Here you see that the instant voltage drop at ~7A is just down to 4v (which gives 8A and 32w, more like what we expected).