"How's you? I've vaguely seen some stuff about you and Carrion meeting up somewhere in FL? Sounds fun!"

Yes I would like to, he's not very nice, and his head is made of handles.

I am good man. New vape law hassles in the US, but it's kind of dumb so far just a little more of a hassle, and costs a little more.

"The "Can't wait!" part has more to do with seeing my family than with easier posting in this forum, if I'm honest. I'm only human."

I thought I was your family...

Heheeh. Yeah man, sorry to hear that about the traveling. Going any place fun at all or kind of all work?

Speaking of all work my wife will be home soon and I won't get to play any more. This is turning out to be a bust, I hope tomorrow he will be here, and then in the words of Mike Tyson I will fuck him until he loves me.