"And no, I am not jealous of him either. Nor are you! 🤣 "

Maybe he is just putting his feelings on other people. I am not saying he is jealous of me, he doesn't know anything about me, nor I really him. I just saw him being a dick and I called him out on it.

Maybe the jealousy feeling he keeps saying is actually at DJ? He did jump to bring up his donations to charity.

Do I know if DJ donated that amount to charity? No, do I care if he is telling the truth no, like that is between him and himself. It's not my business, if he did great! If he didn't, I don't care. I have never known DJ to lie about things, I don't have a reason to doubt him, so if I had to guess I would guess he did.

I mean the fact Karen says when he gets mad he throws hammers, he obviously doesn't know how to express his emotions with words.

Nothing is ever as simple as someone is just an asshole, there is always some reason they are an asshole. It's so difficult though because Karen is so fried from weed he can't even have an adult conversation. I can't imagine being that ruined on pot. His teeth do look a bit nasty, I'd assume poverty and soda but maybe it was meth.

I don't think I get to make fun of him and play therapist with him though. So I think I will stick to making fun of him. Not because I am mean, you know I stay out of all this kind of crap 98% of the time, but Karen really is a turd in the fasttech punch bowl.