Lets make at least one member happy with a Xmas gc
Starts now, ends 30th Novembre at 4pm (GMT+1) or before if 100 is reached. Winner(s) will be drawn same day 6pm local time using commentpicker.com.
Entry: 0.5 point
Less than 30: 1 winner
Between 30-50: 1st 30, 2nd 10, 3rd rest
Between 50-70: 35, 20, rest
Between 70-90: 40, 25, rest
Between 90-100: 50, 30, rest
Entries will be updated daily on the first post below with name rosemm.
Entries should be multiples of 0.5.

Raffle closed
1st place 50$ 44magnum
2nd place 30$ Gotthedrips
3rd place 30$ annonian