You were a bit quick to criticise there Vapeluvr. stated she had a problem with the mods power output deteriorating when the battery still had plenty of charge - if the Pico has boost its a pity the manufacturer didn't bother listing it in the specs which would rule out lack of voltage boost as the root cause of the problem. It could be she is using a very tired battery or she has a faulty mod.

And the specs Gatok listed were clearly for an 18650 mod - not the Kroma R.

I found out last night from asking a Vape Store owner about the 217 - he tried it out and reported back that it does have up to 7.5V as you stated. But its crap when you have to check with someone who already owns a mod to ask for information that should be listed on the specs. The alternative is pay your money and hope for the best.