List of use, include but not limited to:

•tape cutter
•box cutter
•strap cutter (always snaps replaceable blades)
•cardboard slicer (watermelon bins are 2" thick")
•Hammer ("glass breaker" used to whack nails and other metal objects)
•Shovel (dig holes in dirt and occasion clean out of cement channels)
•Prybar (open stuck doors and pry shit out of our equipment wheels)
•hole puncher (stab "X" Into hanging bags, and occasional metal cans)
•screwdriver (rarely)
•scraper (remove gum and other stuck shit on shelves)

And probably more if I can remember. A replacement blade knife would not be able to complete most of those tasks. I prefer 1 "tool" with multiple uses vs. multiple tools with 1 use. Less weight and items to search through my pockets.