analogueman wrote:

EternalSpline wrote:
...but I think there were questions about if it was real or not. Kind of hard to trust China not to just clone it...
I thought it was fairly well-known Cotton Bacon, Cotton Threads (and others) have all been copied for quite some time. Whether a snide version of the cotton is what the OP is using is impossible to tell, but a search will throw up comparison photos showing the small design errors in the packaging designs.

I guess I was being to nice leaving some doubt in the tone of my message. If you don't leave any you get the onslaught of defenders coming to the aid, or you used to, who knows now. FT doesn't do this, and China doesn't do that... You are correct analogueman, not sure how widely well-known, but I think it's not news to most.

If I was going to buy cotton from China again, I would try that BP cotton in the jars made to the MM specification of 3MM.