carrion4worm wrote:

You guys test away, but remember: the second you loosen the grub screws, the experiment is ruined. Be sure to use a long enough wire where you can make as many wraps as you desire, without loosening the grub screws. You can't put the wire back in " almost" the same place and expect the resistance to not change.Also, while grub screws effectively change the length of the wire, as I mentioned in the original thread " electricity follows the path of least resistance"....while grub screws/ clamps mostly stop the current, some methods of coil fastening do a better job than others.Any questions? Ask. While it may cause some here pain, I have the experience and know how, and have never steered anyone here wrong.If you have forgotten, the proper experiment is documented perfectly in the original thread, which I forget, but it is a pre made Vandy vape coils thread...Shouldn't be hard to find...EDIt: and yes, starting the experiment with a brand new, unheated wire will skew results in most occasions...a preheated, used wire is best for testing, as anyone who's even coiled a few times will recognize the resistance "settling in" as it is glowed a bit, so don't start with new wire! Once you guys have your process in order, you will repeatedly obtain the same results - which is the beauty of science! that's why it's a "Law", not a "suggestion" or "hypothesis". I've been right (like so many other users here also from that thread) all along -- you just need to catch up! Finally, You're on the right track.

All you have written is moot.

The entire argument was you claimed it is impossible to add a wrap to a coil using the excess leg length to raisde the resistance when fitted. Philip did it (with pics) on the vape porn thread, and repeated it here.

If you now claim this was not your statement and wish to PROVE it categorically just provide a link to the thread and anyone interested can read it (they won't have to read far). If you ,don't want to do that - even though you have taken the time to look up the thread and pick a selective post - please explain why.

It would still be a good idea for you to apologise to DJVillan.