Vapor wrote:

It's cool you believe what you want... Funny how the two parties have been in charge for hundreds of years yet here we are... Also amazing looking at the financials of the congress critters... They all appear to be doing very well off the corporations...

Yes, they are doing "well" as you say. There are some that claim to want to change this (50/60% of Dems) , and others *(almost the entire GOP) that unapologetically want to maintain that "status quo" you mentioned...I just heard you earlier in this very thread complain about this ":status quo", yet you advertise brazenly the group that is most likely to KEEP THINGS THE WAY THEY ARE.

See? You seem to be voting against your own interests. Me, I own my own business, and don't feel the ONE thing the GOP has done to improve lives of the non-rich (2017 tax cuts) was an honest attempt - especially considering those cuts put the US into extreme debt, and likely were a catalyst to inflation (i.e., "price gouging/greed). Those tax cuts were aimed at the wealthy, as the 100.00 a year it "saved" me has been negated.

Most people vote along the lines of their family upbringing/ small circle of friends. To be fair to you, it takes a lot of effort to not be misled by current media, with right wing media being especially guilty of dishonest takes on reality. Good luck to you, but hopefully you'll grow to understand that you've been manipulated - you're poor and vote for the rich to get richer!

Don't ever be ashamed to vote to "take some back"!. I didn't want tanks and new rockets with my taxes, I want healthcare for all, and people need to take off the blindfold, and stop thinking the nation's future boils down to a popularity contest, or clever sound bites.