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Need Variable Voltage Versions.
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#1 (permalink)      6/13/2013 5:32:48 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Need Variable Voltage Versions.
Hi guys.

There are many e-cig batteries (Ego and Other) that operate at more than one voltage.
Of course there are the ones that you Twist on the bottom but there are also some that have 2-3 power modes that can be set with the button.

It would be great if we can get these evod and other beginners kits with these types of batteries as I am constantly getting requests for them.

Thank You.
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+1 details
Please vote on those here at the "I suggest you" section, there's a few places users have requested this already, spinners and twists, so all you need to do is vote and hopefully they'll add soon

There was a few already, with comments and votes, but now I only see one :( Not sure what happened, maybe the others are now on page two that we can't view? Seems like several places on this site have further pages we can't see, like product reviews, and the section I linked above (Since it shows 75 suggestions in, but only about 25 or so visible)