Leaving this here for the less informed.

Clearomizer coils are fitted by a Rubber Grommet. This is the only pressure to make the coil connect to Positive and Negative surfaces.

Coils will almost always read high fresh from the packaging.

Firing the coil sets connection(arching) and once well established the coil should read within .2ohms
i.e. a 1/8ohm coil may be 1.6ohm-2.0ohm under normal conditions.

Kanger Coils Not firing(new)
99% of the time, a Non-firing KANGER coil will be due to the center contact not touching the Battery center contact.
The Kanger center pin may be pulled slightly down(1mm max)to achieve contact. Never over tighten the clearomizer to avoid pushing the pin back up.

Many Regulated Mods, vv v3 etc, have minor internal resistance the unit cannot compensate for. This adds to ohm reading inaccuracy.