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Hole in drip tip adapter?
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#1 (permalink)      6/27/2014 10:30:24 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Hole in drip tip adapter?
In the middle picture you can see a hole in the drip tip adapter. What is it for? I have this kit and it has the hole.

The threads are so tight I couldn't get it threaded all the way down. Even needle nose couldn't grab it because of the slope. Because I couldn't get it seated it leaked all over the top. Sputtered actually. Finally gave up and put the old tip back on.

I'll give the threads a good filing and try later.
#2 (permalink)      6/28/2014 12:55:06 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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The hole inside holds the piece on a rod during manufacturing while they thread it :)
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Use a small screwdriver in the hole to tighten the driptip adapter to the top cap
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You will undestand what the holle is for, when you try to unscrew the adapter :)