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Help me, i'm mathtarded.
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#21 (permalink)      8/17/2015 1:13:56 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Grand Poobah of The Sacred Order of The Magick Blue Screwdriver. The old Juice Junkies FAQ and guides can be found here:
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Overvaper wrote:

Flambo unnecessarily wrote:And I am a little sick of people who won't do their own maths- the calculators exist.
Using a 'juice calculator' isn't 'doing your own maths'.

The first part was simple primary school mental arithmetic.
ok- some people struggle
I am really bad at some stuff

Although they seem to give good results and are user friendly, they might not be programmed to deal with all mixing scenarios.
Many do
Some do some stuff well-
others do other stuff well.
The best online one I've used is blocked from posting on FT cos it's a competitor.

In any case it's always a good idea to ask here to get a second opinion
A second opinion is fine...

and you can get a consensus of the varying opinions

And take ur chances?
Or learn how to use a calculator

The infamous Advertisement removed results show that even so-called professional juice manufacturers aren't immune from mistakes, leading to gross errors in both nic concentrations and PG:VG ratios in their supposedly 50:50 pg:vg 6mg range.

Add FeelLife, a Washington State vendor...
major reasons I DIY-
The way I vape- DIY juice doesn't interest me much-
which was a total surprise to me...given my life/passions.

I worry about my last noob doing DIY-
he's a great cook (chef actually)-
could prolly create some great flavours if he got into it properly...
But- he's a drunk-
which is the reason he's broke & rarely employed-
(& a nasty drunk)
I taught him there is a method- follow it.
And only DIY when wide awake & sober.

OP should find a calculator which suits his purpose.

There was no need to turn his laziness into a big issue.
Or for him to harass me in his signature.

Gollum's Understudy just chimed in cos he's Gollum's Understudy-
easily bored and needs to be harassing constantly.

noob forever
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