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Can't even cut cotton ...
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#11 (permalink)      12/13/2017 1:02:48 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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I've had these for about a year and they slice through cotton like air.
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Bought the 5 pack of these very recently, 4 were tight, sharp and cut cotton well, one was loose and doesn't cut so well, but for the price it's not worth chasing up a refund.

For the price, I was surprised how well they actually work.

Will try hammering the rivet on the dodgy pair, cheers Steve_
#13 (permalink)      12/13/2017 4:35:12 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Steve_ wrote:

If the blades are reasonably sharp, try to hammer the rivet tighter before you throw it away.

10-Pack SKU 4253600 Last year purchase, 1 out of the 10 was like that, until I tighten it with a light hammer tapping on the rivet.

I've given 7 out to friends and family and everyone is still using them. My 2 are still sharp. Third one... well, I've been cutting fine copper wires too many times. lol

Plus at that price of $.90 each... Consume - Dispose (Recycling) - Repeat

Single SKU 3787600 261 Reviews and 4.6 out 5 rating! - You still get what you paid for!

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So poor that I'm using paperclips for coils, strips of cotton jeans for wicks and coupons: MAP, BLF, DEALS & Event Discounts! But, I'm feeling much better now! LOL + No one should have 0 Kudos
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Andre_Here wrote:


Thanks :)