It's weird - I've not yet purchased prebuilt coils or wrapped/built wire as of yet, mainly because I enjoy making it myself - clapton, tigerwire, etc. I really like tigerwire (often more than claption) because it provides a tad smaller profile coil with lots of nooks and crannies for juice, and tends to have a much faster ramp up time than the more elaborate wire styles - and it's easy for me to make and I prefer having the option to wind it as loose or as tightly as I prefer with my own drill.

BUT, I'm not great with making fused claptons or alien wire as much, and would consider buying a roll of either.

What is the some feedback from you guys about the performance or ramp time with alien wire and fused clapton as opposed to straight clapton, or even tigerwire?

Oh, and let me add that my most satisfying use of tigerwire is with vert builds. Horizontal is better than plain macro coils, but tigerwire really kills in verts, single or dual...