Hello fellow vapers!

I'm here to give out a little "warning"

If you open the reviews on this particular wire, you can see a user-submitted photo of this wire (Kris2016)
I have this wire and that's not the same wire in the picture this guy has submitted. Maybe he's accidentally posted the picture here? Don't know but you can clearly see that that's a fused clapton.. actually that's a real alien coil.

Also kanthal doesn't turn (that) blue (maybe stainless steel?) Maybe you can heat kanthal to get a coil that blue but still my point is that that isn't the same wire.

I was ordering more of this ribbon clapton (it's still great!) and I thought that demon killer has really managed to release real alien wire, but then I checked my past orders and the sku was the same..

This is still great wire to use and I'll always be having atleast one spool of this stuff :)