I have 3 of these and 2 Picos.

Now bear in mind that i also have a couple SX Minis that are perfect for SS/TC.
TBH, I prefer the eVic to the Pico for SS/TC.

I have occasionally found that the Pico will suddenly decide not to read a coil but that same coil on my SXs or eVics is read perfectly.
And I know without a doubt the coil is not the problem.

Either or I like for the price but picking between the two at least for SS/TC I will choose the eVic.
I have not had any issues on any of mine, with the 510 that some others have had though.

Edit: Should have added though, the few times that the coil can't be read, I have just quickly readjusted it and it has again.
But never had that happen on the evics.