if you are in analog mode, i always switch it to digital mode, as it is easier for me...

to get from analog to digital:
press fire button 3 times, the Roman numeral XII will start to flash.
press the left button and the hands of the clock will start to flash.
when that happens, press the right button, and it will switch to digital mode.

press the fire button to exit.

when in digital mode, press the fire button 3 times, and the time will start flashing.
press the left button twice, and the hour digits will start flashing.
use the right button to change the number.
press the left button to change to the minutes digits.
right button to change the number.
press left again and repeat to change the date, using the right button to change what you want.

press the fire to exit.

if you want to change it back to analog after setting it:
fire 3 times to see the time flashing.
press left once to go to the flashing date.
press right to change back to analog.

fire to exit.

the menus in Joyetech boxes are pretty complicated, and their instructions are usually useless. but once you get used to it, it's pretty easy to do what you want. i have 9 of them.