Well, it's the same chip that was used in the D3, so you should be able to get plenty of replies about that one at least, or go check the D3 reviews - I think they're still out there. Google is our friend. :)

I still just have a D2, which has always been a solid performer. If I remember correctly, if people already didn't just not like P4Y products for whatever reason, people didn't like that the D2 and D3 mods weren't updateable via firmware updates. I think.

Also, maybe because I like my D2, the Yaris interests me more than the D3 did because of the 26650 deal, and still tops out at 80w, (probably because it uses the Yihi sx150H), which could simply mean longer run times in a small form factor I'm already relatively familiar with. I'll be waiting for more replies here too. Thank you.