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Why Alien?
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#1 (permalink)      11/7/2018 10:31:07 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Why Alien?
I will never understand why they call these aliens. When we are naming coils foolish things like "hoffa" there really is no excuse to not just throw some random word to name a claptoned flat wire.

2 parts to the coil. The core, the wrap. The core has nothing to do with aliens, the wrap has nothing to do with aliens. Is it just a marketing gimmick?

I can understand MKWS doing it, but everyone? Come on China
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#2 (permalink)      11/7/2018 11:39:46 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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the actual alien wire (as far as i understand it) is made by making a clapton, then removing the core and using the coiled outer wire to wrap 2 or 3 new core wires like a fused clapton, this gives the finished product a wavey appearance.

i might be wrong here and if i am i'm sure someone will correct me but i always thought/assumed the alien name came from it's slightly giger-esque look.

why a lot of manufacturers decided to start calling a clapton with a flat wire core an alien coil is a mystery.
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Its just a keyword stuffing to appear on the search page. Just invest a couple of minutes in searchin 40robbers for anything of your interest and you'll see how common it is.

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#4 (permalink)      11/7/2018 2:23:14 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Real Alien coils.

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If the outer wrap ain't wavy and tight it ain't alien. This is not a true alien coil, its just a multi core with a "Clapton" wrap. There are so many offerings of this type of build named "Alien" that soon there will be no authentic Alien offerings.

As to "Why Alien", I think it is because it was "alien" looking to its predecessor, Clapton. And maybe what Tom_moro said in ref to Giger.

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